Ever since first grade, Flo knew he wanted to be a baker. At 13, he began an apprenticeship in his hometown deep in France’s Champagne region. By 18, he was working full-time; four years later, he embarked on a journey that would take him all around the world…


In his own


When I was six years old, my elementary school class went on a field trip to visit a bakery in my village. As soon as I walked in, I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up. The smell of freshly baked croissants, the heat of the kitchen, the baker’s movements… In the afternoon, all the kids got a chance to make a very simple bread recipe, and that’s it – I was hooked.

First job

Fast forward 5 years 

and Flo had his

My friend’s dad owned a bakery 10 miles from my house, and he let the two of us help out a bit on the weekends. My mom would wake up at 2:00am to drive me over. It was exciting - at 11 years old I made my first big mix... 100 kilos of dough. And then we got to drive around the village delivering the bread, honking the horn.


Things get serious with an 


When I was 13, I joined a year-long pre-apprenticeship program. And then at 16, I got my CAP (professional designation) for Bakery and Pastry, which entitled me to work as a Head Baker! My first real job was 6 days a week, starting in the wee hours of the morning. Yeah, it was difficult to wake up... but when you walk in to the bakery and you smell the bread, it's all worth it!

Bread opens the door


At 21, I wanted to travel and I realized that Baking was my ticket out of France. Turns out everyone loves French bread! So my skills were in high demand. My first stop was Australia, working for Savico Basset Rouge at Le Bon Choix in Brisbane. He pushed me beyond my limits, and I'm proud to call him my mentor. From there, I went to New Zealand, then Norway, Corsica, Croatia, Morocco, and finally Hong Kong.

Chef Flo working in his tiny laboratory in Hong Kong
Pavé loaf - our signature sourdough bread fermented for 96 hours

8 countries


Each bakery taught me something new. I've worked with top of the line equipment and with ovens that are older than me. I've worked in large kitchens and small ones (my workspace in Hong Kong was only 175 square feet!) I treasure each of these experiences - there's no doubt that they made me the baker I am today.